The Podcast for the Ag Sales Professional

An agriculture podcast dedicated to selling in agribusiness.  This Ag podcast focuses on the best practices for selling to farmers and livestock producers.  We also focus on those salespeople who call on Ag buyers at the thousands of agribusinesses that serve the farming community.

3 Ways to focus your selling process on Outcomes As salespeople, one of our greatest fears is to appear pushy or annoying to our customers.  Prior to sales training workshops, I spend a lot of time interviewing the salespeople that will attend.  After many years of doing this, one problem seems to come through in […]

Quick tips to get organized, stand out from the competition, and sell more!  Talk Less to Sell More: Who’s talking more in the sales process?  You or the customer? Listen in as I explain all 7 of the tips that you can implement today to improve your sales results

The importance of succession planning for farm families and how you might play a helpful role for your customers Andy “Caygeon” Junkin plays a unique role in the agribusiness world. Listen in as he shares his own story of farm succession planning. And how he came to launch his own service Stubborn.Farm in an effort […]

Today we discuss: The importance of your self confidence to Sell yourself first: Overcoming the fear of rejection when we realize that every salesperson meets rejection. The importance of connecting with people first, then sell them Her new book, “From Zero to Sales Hero” Her upcoming retreat: “The Best Version of You” Her Triple-A Formula: […]

4 critical components when struggling in sales After riding with and coaching hundreds of salespeople over the past 30 years and watching my own behavior, I try to come up with great ways for busy salespeople to improve their selling skills.  After running into the same scenario time after time, I try to bring those […]

The Why’s Guy Method to Better Selling For those of us that remember being called a “Wise Guy”, we know it’s not really a good thing.  In slang, it meant you were over-confident, conceited, kind of a know-it-all.  In the Three Stooges episode, it was the comment right before Moe would hit Curly.  In mafia […]

3 Ways to continuously improve your selling success The old saying is, “Don’t mess with success”.  Another version of that is, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  This might not be the best advice for a sales territory! Listen in to get a different perspective on why you should be messing with your success… […]

3 Tips for those that sell complicated or invisible products Do you sell a highly technical product?  One that is difficult to explain? Like a biological soil product, a pre-biotic for dairy cattle, or option strategies for grain marketing.  Do you sell an invisible product?  Like yeast, probiotics, soil additives, or micro-nutrients.  Do you sell […]

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