Give Your Employees and yourself a Better Chance

Your employees need accountability, support, and consistent guidance.

Coaching an Ag Salesperson or Ag Sales Team requires a deep understanding of the industry and coaching process.  Greg brings 30 years of coaching Ag Sales Professionals and Ag Sales Leaders in all regions of North America.

Does this sound like your sales team?

Your Ag sales team has the skills to sell, but they struggle to put them into practice. Often, they get in their own way. They:

Calling on the same customers

No prospecting, and don’t understand why their territory isn’t growing

Bring negativity to the job

Lack of accountability

They just feel stuck

Lack enthusiasm to embrace new selling tools and technology

More times than not, your sales team wants to do good work. They don’t know how to navigate the roadblocks ahead of them so they lose confidence and go back to the traditional sales approach. They resort to feature dumping and discount pricing.

Having a trusted mentor on their side will not only build their confidence, but it’ll also help them navigate difficult situations and keep them accountable so they are set up for success.

Coaching Services

What's Included in Coaching?

12 weeks of engagement

Weekly 60-minute 1:1 calls

Guides and resources to help you work through roadblocks

Email support

My framework to working in sales

Sales call ride-alongs

Who’s coaching for exactly?

Individual agriculture sales professionals

A group of agriculture sales professionals

What can I expect to get from Coaching?

1:1 Accountability, Support, and Guidance

  • Lack of accountability is the primary reason salespeople struggle to grow their sales. It takes consistent implementation of their skills over time. I also realize that you are very buys as a sales manager. That's where 1:1 coaching helps develop that accountability to implement the selling skills to improve.
  • Direct Access to Me as your Coach

  • They’ll have my full attention each conversation we have. This is incredibly valuable considering I’ve been in the sales industry for so long, and have so much experience in what they are struggling with.

  • They need a sounding board to share their struggles and get feedback from someone who has been there and is available on a regular basis.
  • Emotional Intelligence Work and Personal Development

  • Giving them an outside perspective of how they work with customers and ppers in the future. Understanding their personality type vs. other people’s personality.
  • How to Work With Me


    Book a call with me, and let’s talk about the needs of your sales team.


    Talk about your sales struggles, and create a plan that will help your team get past roadblocks.


    Build confidence, clarity, and accountability with coaching.

    What My Clients are saying:

    I must admit when my sales manager signed me up for your group coaching program, I was extremely skeptical. I thought to myself, “yah, yah, here comes the new guy trying to inspire me without even meeting me in person yet!” However, I must admit, I was amazed. You made so many pertinent points. I have been through or stuck in so many of the situations we covered…


    Salesperson, Agronomy Team