Become a Big Fish in a Small Pond The Problem:  You struggle to sell your branded products because… You’re not the brand leader:  In most markets, there is one company that has spent more time, resources, and money to become the brand leader.  They rightfully deserve brand recognition.  However, it’s tough to sell into this […]

And the importance of hyper-availability Differentiating yourself in a commoditized world: In sales training workshops, there is a time when we share what is working in our selling process.  In one recent workshop, one of the higher performers in the group shared his secret, “I answer my phone”.  At first, the group laughed as it […]

Watch or Listen in as Belinda Harter from the Women in Agribusiness Summit joins me to discuss this great opportunity for professional development This September in Dallas, the three-day Women in Agribusiness Summit has a long list of development and networking opportunities. Keynotes from top Agribusiness leaders Breakout Sessions Scholarship Program The Demeter Awards Special […]

Set the bar low and blow your goals out of the water Before you think I’m crazy in my goal-setting recommendations, please read or listen all the way through.  It may sound like I am against goal setting.  Or that I want you to set low standards of achievement.  Quite the contrary.  I am a […]

10 Takeaways from the J.L. Farmakis Inc. 2022 Farmer Speaks Survey I am always looking for ways to understand customer decision-making processes.  This information is critical when selling to someone.  You must know what factors are influencing their decisions.  Knowing them allows a salesperson to sell on purpose versus just out there spreading the good […]

Sales Innovation – PODCAST Borrowing from everywhere to improve your selling skills Innovation is not typically associated with the sales team.  We are most often depicted as foot soldiers in the war to get in front of customers and get them to buy.  The wild creativity is left up to marketing, R&D, engineers, or maybe […]

FYI: It might be a kid from the suburbs Originally published in the Wisconsin Agribusiness Assoc Quarterly:  https://issuu.com/joanviney/docs/22_summerlo/30 In the Fall of 1982, my high school guidance counselor scheduled an appointment with me to discuss my college planning.  I informed him that I wanted to pursue an Ag degree.  His laugh was completely involuntary and […]

Lessons from walking the World Pork Expo Walking through the World Pork Expo in Des Moines last week, I couldn’t help but wonder how a swine producer makes their decisions on product lines.  I felt this same way as I walked through the Info Ag Conference in St. Louis last year.  Aisle after aisle of […]

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