Go from price, product and feature dumping in the friend zone to Building your personal brand as THE Trusted Advisor in your market Today, we cover part two in our three-part series.  Listen in to learn:  7 Components of becoming a Trusted Advisor and 7 Benefits from using the Trusted Advisor selling approach to your […]

2022 Focus Area #1   Bring All your resources to the sale As the Sales Professional, You are the Quarterback of your company’s resources Think about your own buying experiences.  Who would you rather do business with?  One single salesperson who only gives you their knowledge and skills? Or, a salesperson who brings a team […]

7 Benefits of training all your teams in one workshop Agronomy – Feed – Energy – Grain Sales – Marketing – Customer Service Equipment – Parts – Service – Precision Ag Dairy – Beef – Swine – Retail Does your agronomy team connect with your feed team? Does your energy team know who the feed […]

8 ways to get more from trade shows 4 Ways to get more from attending  AND  4 Ways to get more from working a booth Originally published in Wisconsin Agribusiness Quarterly Magazine Listen in to learn 8 ways to make the most of your next trade show!

Build a Scalable Territory   4 ways to drive less miles, call on more customers and be a more effective salesperson    It sounds too good to be true, but every salesperson can drive less miles, call on more customers, AND be a more effective salesperson by building a scalable territory. Listen in to learn […]

Sales Confidence 3 Ways to Develop the Courage to Sell         When meeting with a sales manager, they often tell me they want their salespeople to be more Confident.  They know that if their team is more confident, they will sell more and run into less resistance when calling on customers.  I […]

The Complacent Prospect “Thanks, but I’m happy with my current supplier”         During most training workshops, we eventually get onto the subject of prospecting and cold calling.  Besides the fear of cold calling, one of the most common struggles I hear from salespeople is all about the “Complacent Prospect”.  By complacent, I […]

Speak to Sell Watch or Listen as I interview Fred Miller Fred has been in the public speaking and coaching speakers for over a decade.  I fact, he wrote the book for most of us when it comes to public speaking, “No Sweat Public Speaking“  Don’t pass up this podcast or webcast because you don’t […]

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