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Make an impact on your Agribusiness audience with an engaging Ag Speaker.

Looking for an engaging Ag speaker?

When you are looking for an Agriculture speaker for your event, you want someone who will give your audience:

Take home actionable insights

New thoughts and strategies that work amidst a changing environment

Customized content that fits your industry

Inspiration, motivation, and confidence

I help your audience stay engaged and interested to learn more about the sales industry. With 30 years of front line sales and sales management experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and thought leadership to my presentation. Bringing humor and real life stories to your audience helps them relate because it’s usually what they are going through at that moment in their life.

Speaking on Topics that Matter

Build and Retain the Team

Bring coaching, assessments, and leadership principles to the forefront of the conversation as the generational shift continues in agribusiness.

Change Leadership

Your team and attendees are looking for a way to survive and thrive in this changing environment. Let’s talk about how to reduce stress and improve productivity from simple changes you can make.

Generation Shift

Most presentations touch on “how to work with millennials”. I take a different approach because we are at a unique time in history with 3 generations in our work force and customer base. I teach 9 different combinations to manage and sell in the industry.

Sales Skills

Prospecting skills, cold calling tactics, and closing more sales are always topics that sales teams struggle with. Along with time and territory management, because most training companies don’t cover this.

Prepared for all Formats

Keynote Presentations

Breakout Sessions

Greg working on his online sales training course

Virtual Sessions

Hybrid Sessions


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