Leading Great Sales Team Presenter:  Greg Martinelli  Program length & format:  2 ½ -hour workshop.  This workshop format includes lecture, breakout sessions, small group role play, and completing your own Sales Team Dashboard.  Who is this session for? For the Salesperson and Sales Manager:  You will get real-world methods to organize and manage yourself […]

A Salesperson’s internal war that rages every day and 3 ways to win each battle First and most importantly, I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or anyone that can give needed mental health medical advice.  I am, however, a salesperson who has had success and failures in the constant battle that goes on inside the […]

The higher you climb, the lower the objections Over the last six years of blogging and podcasting, personal brand building has been the subject over a dozen times.  The importance can’t be stressed enough.  You either climb the brand ladder or remain stuck on a rung you might not like.  The higher you go, the […]

Use Persistence, Empathy, and Genuine Optimism We’ve all heard someone in a meeting say, “We need to double down on our efforts to get the job done”.  Whenever I hear this, it always makes me think, “What if we triple down or quadruple down?  Why just double?” Selling is tough today.  As always, customers have […]

You have to be remembered to sell Your customers are swamped.  They are busy, super busy!  If they fail to learn about you and your products, they will certainly not remember you when deciding who to buy from.  If they currently get a similar product from your competitor, they are heavily inclined to just keep […]

Just remember how to do the tough stuff It’s often said that tough times don’t last. If so, neither do good times. Be ready to shift your selling skills when the change happens! Is selling ever really easy?  Well, it depends on your industry and your view of the process.  Right now, in agribusiness, there […]

4 Ways to win sales by being patient “I need it today!  Call me after planting! Is tomorrow too soon to have it delivered?”  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of balance sometimes to customer requests in today’s world.  They either need it right now or want you to leave them alone. It’s really […]

The 10 people at your funeral …. The Arsonist in your life…and The importance of Sales Gratitude In Part 1, we covered the first two topics: Be Easy:  Be easy to get hold of… easy to order from… make your accounting easy on your customer The Vital Few vs. the Minor Many:  One of the […]

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