Get organized, stand out from the competition, and sell more!  Talk Less to Sell More: Who’s talking more in the sales process?  You or the customer?  Most of the time, it should be the customer.  Observe yourself today.  If it’s you, Stop it! Asking more open-ended questions is the best way to get the customer […]

4 critical components when struggling in sales After riding with and coaching hundreds of salespeople over the past 30 years and watching my own behavior, I try to come up with great ways for busy salespeople to improve their selling skills.  After running into the same scenario time after time, I try to bring those […]

The Why’s Guy Method to Better Selling For those of us that remember being called a “Wise Guy”, we know it’s not really a good thing.  In slang, it meant you were over-confident, conceited, kind of a know-it-all.  In the Three Stooges episode, it was the comment right before Moe would hit Curly.  In mafia […]

3 Ways to continuously improve your selling success The old saying is, “Don’t mess with success”.  Another version of that is, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  This advice is often backed up with singular examples where a company messed with their success and failed.  New Coke is the shining example of how Coca-Cola […]

3 Tips for those that sell complicated or invisible products Do you sell a highly technical product?  One that is difficult to explain? Like a biological soil product, a pre-biotic for dairy cattle, or option strategies for grain marketing.  Maybe you sell crop insurance.  Sounds simple till you get neck deep in the details.  Do […]

That’s why your customers need you now more than ever before Pick up any news publication in any industry or watch any news channel and you will find it loaded with negative news.  Go to any of their websites and you will see the same scary articles for you to click on.  I have talked […]

Become a Big Fish in a Small Pond The Problem:  You struggle to sell your branded products because… Your reason #1:  You’re not the brand leader:  In most markets, there is one company that has spent more time, resources, and money to become the brand leader.  They rightfully deserve brand recognition.  However, it’s tough to […]

And the importance of hyper-availability Differentiating yourself in a commoditized world: In sales training workshops, there is a time when we share what is working in our selling process.  In one recent workshop, one of the higher performers in the group shared his secret, “I answer my phone”.  At first, the group laughed as it […]

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