The Podcast for the Ag Sales Professional

An agriculture podcast dedicated to selling in agribusiness.  This Ag podcast focuses on the best practices for selling to farmers and livestock producers.  We also focus on those salespeople who call on Ag buyers at the thousands of agribusinesses that serve the farming community.

3 and a half techniques to jumpstart you back into the selling mode after the holidays The holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas pose a challenge to many salespeople. Our sales productivity drops as the festivities ramp up. First, we spend weeks building up to them.  We make sure orders are entered according to production shutdowns.  We […]

Real ways to use mental strength to be a better salesperson and enjoy it Listen in or watch this interview.  With over 35 years of selling experience, Joy Rains focuses on one of the greatest tools a salesperson can use to improve their sales and get more from their career: the mind Way before you […]

Now, We have our own holidays to celebrate! Recently, I saw a list of nationally “recognized days”.  It was in the thousands and almost none of them involved the one skill that every person needs in their life! Selling.  We are going to fix that today.  It’s long overdue for professional salespeople to have their […]

The #1 problem with the explosion of CRM programs and how you can avoid it from day one The agribusiness industry has been inundated with CRM programs. The Problem:  It starts early in the selling process.  When the CRM salesperson calls on a company, they start at the highest level:  CEO, CFO, or VP of […]

Big moments in training with a lifetime impact on your results In the last six weeks, I have been in front of five different audiences in the US and Canada.  I’d like to share a common experience that has occurred in all five of those and how it can help you or your sales team.  As […]

5 Ways to sell to the reluctant customer Just about every industry is affected by new technology.  We are all trying to become faster, better, and always with an eye on increasing the ROI for our customers. However, as salespeople, we struggle to get our customers to adopt this new technology.  Listen in as I walk […]

and learning when to choose the correct one  Working around sales organizations every day as a sales trainer and coach gives me a chance to compare and contrast great salespeople versus their peers.  While there are dozens of key factors in achieving high results, these three skills seem to always come through on high-performing salespeople, […]

“I have no problem selling, I just struggle with making cold calls” “How do I start the conversation?” “I know the customer doesn’t want to see another salesperson stopping” If these sound like you or your sales team, then you are in the right place.  I hear these statements in some form with every sales […]

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