The Podcast for the Ag Sales Professional

An agriculture podcast dedicated to selling in agribusiness.  This Ag podcast focuses on the best practices for selling to farmers and livestock producers.  We also focus on those salespeople who call on Ag buyers at the thousands of agribusinesses that serve the farming community.

Data Tells but a Story Sells Think about this statistic…. when speaking to an audience, only 5% of the people in the room will remember a statistic after you finish your presentation.  However, 63% will remember a story you told. Don’t believe me?  Listen in and Test for yourself.

Did you grow up on a farm?  Did your dad hate certain salespeople that called on him?  OR Did he hate all salespeople that called on him? Do you hear your dad’s voice in the back of your head as you turn down the driveway to cold call on a prospect?

4 Ways to Stay Safe When Selling in Ag Surviving Impaired Drivers, Fidgety Horses, Limb Crushing Equipment and Strange Customers!

3 Negotiating Tactics for the Ag Sales Professional From a great new book by Chris Voss, “Never Split the Difference”

7 Strategies for Selling to Busy Farmers Game plans for the ag sales professional during harvest Originally published in Coach’s Corner in Feed & Grain Magazine Sep 2018

Excited to have the opportunity to share an important sales tool with the Wisconsin Agribusiness Association in their quarterly magazine.  If you are not familiar with it, you should be.  Great articles every quarter.  Yes, mostly associated with the Wisconsin market, but you would be surprised how relevant they are nationwide.  For a direct link […]

Are you a Sales Hero or a Sales Henchman?   Don’t let one judo chop from your prospect stop you    

Fear of the Farm Call And the 5 steps to overcome those fears

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