The Podcast for the Ag Sales Professional

An agriculture podcast dedicated to selling in agribusiness.  This Ag podcast focuses on the best practices for selling to farmers and livestock producers.  We also focus on those salespeople who call on Ag buyers at the thousands of agribusinesses that serve the farming community.

If you are in sales, then sales meetings are a fact of life Use these three action items to get more out of every meeting!

  Strategies for approaching difficult conversations with customers It’s not IF, but WHEN you will have a credit discussion!  

Originally published in Feed & Grain’s Coach’s Corner Blog   It’s not about your Selling Process   Connect better and sell more when you get out of your selling process and get into your customer’s buying process!

Originally published in Wisconsin Agri-Business News – Winter 2018     How do you measure your salespeople?   How do you measure yourself?

  Live up to everything you promised your prospects and customers This is NOT a political article.  It’s all about how to live up to the promises we make as salespeople when trying to sell a prospect.  Find out how you can build trust and win your customer’s vote.

Employ every one of the senses in the selling process Hearing – Sight – Touch – Smell – Taste and …… It’s a tough road out there right now in Ag selling.  You know it better than anyone else.  Most of our customers are up against narrow margins or below breakeven.  Competition is fierce as […]

Where do you start when you want to change, build or rebuild the sales culture of your agribusiness?         One of the most interesting benefits of training sales teams all over the US is experiencing a wide variety of sales team cultures.  You might think that salespeople are salespeople and sales teams are sales teams.  […]

WHAT WOULD A WEBSITE OF YOU LOOK LIKE? One of the first steps in my sales workshop is to have attendees explain what they do, who they do it for and why customers buy from them.  You would be amazed how often this drill stumps the attendees. This podcast helps salespeople understand how their customers […]

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