Selling through FEAR And how to manage fear when it shows up Consider this a sort of think tank discussion on fear management ideas.  Below are four articles written in the last several years on managing and conquering your fears when selling. After attending a workshop on how to coach people through fear, I started […]

Join me via podcast or video as Carey Portell joins the discussion today: Carey is a Farmer, Speaker, Author and has a great message on Farming with Disabilities. Listen in as Carey describes her tragedy that has taken so much, yet gave her even more in life. Today we discuss: Farming with Disabilities and regaining […]

How do I get better at Closing? Get better at Opening As with any business, I try to help my customers with their biggest challenges.  When it comes to selling skills, the number one challenge salespeople have is Closing.  At least that’s what they think is their biggest challenge.  They want the result: a sale.  […]

Watch this short video on: The balance needed between your Copy versus Content when selling!

Your customers desperately want this from you, but never tell you We started this year off with a very specific focus.  I went back over my 30 years of working in and around salespeople to come up with the absolute top focus areas that work.  Not just once in a while, but work all the […]

Grow your super strengths of Team Selling and Customer Focused Skills to become a Trusted Advisor Today, we cover part three in our three-part series.  Ten, twenty or thirty years ago, our job as a salesperson was to go to the farm and inform customers about our products.  We were the primary source of information.  […]

2022 Focus Area Focus Area #2 – Shift your Sales Approach Today, we cover part two in our three-part series.  Thinking about the difficulties of selling in agribusiness, I reflected back on my past experience as a salesperson, sales leader and training salespeople.  I came up with three areas that I want to focus on […]

2022 Focus Area #1   Bring All your resources to the sale As the Sales Professional, You are the Quarterback of your company’s resources Think about your own buying experiences.  Who would you rather do business with?  One single salesperson who only gives you their knowledge and skills? Or, a salesperson who brings a team […]

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