Create your own diagnostic tool for prospects to provide evidence of your value         Every salesperson can use some form of a diagnostic tool to help determine the value you bring to a prospect. On a recent episode of Dateline, a prosecutor made the statement, “Juries like to have a body and […]

How to be persistent and not pushy when prospecting           The really short answer:  Never!           The question of when to give up on a prospect comes up in almost every sales training workshop I put on.  Normally, it’s during the prospecting portion of the training.            I like to get […]

Learn how performing at an open mic night can help your selling skills Good news:  You don’t have to participate in an open mic night at a comedy club to learn these lessons.  Bad news:  I did!  In sales training workshops, some of the most important emotional topics we deal with are fear, confidence, and […]

From one salesperson to another, these quotes will help you in your journey in becoming a professional salesperson    Over the years in sales, you drive a lot of miles.  Driving those miles, gives you a lot of time to just think.  A lot of that thinking revolves around what it takes to be successful […]

Do you have good answers to these three questions?           The favorite part of any sales training workshop is the “Understand” phase.  This is the part of the day where we learn how to get better at asking questions.  As good as we think we are, we can always get better […]

Help your customers! Especially when your product list looks like the menu at Cheesecake Factory On my first day in sales, I went to my manager’s office to get some training on what to do as a salesperson.  After three years as an office manager, I was making the big switch to sales. “Here you […]

Good enough is never good enough in sales Every year, you will lose 5, 10, 15, 20% of your customers!    You put in the correct number for your company or territory.  Either way, suffice it to say you will lose customers every year.  They retire, pass away, switch to a competitor, or stop raising the […]

Go-To-Market changes in a post-Pandemic world First published in WABA Quarterly Magazine: Summer 2021 issue  How will you position your sales team to be successful and profitable for the company? In every generation, there is that moment when life will never be the same.  These cataclysmic moments change us forever.  We will refer to life before […]

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