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An Agriculture blog dedicated to selling in agribusiness.  These Ag blog articles focus on the best practices for selling to farmers and livestock producers.  We also focus on those salespeople who call on Ag buyers at the thousands of agribusinesses that serve the farming community

3 Frequently Asked Questions I get as a sales trainer and coach It’s the most often asked question in all of my 30 years as a salesperson, manager, coach, and trainer.  It’s a great question but has a very long answer.  However, here are a few concepts to help answer the question: 2. “I am […]

7 Benefits of going from a salesperson to The Trusted Advisor in your market Selling in any profession can be tough.  Selling in agribusiness can be even tougher.  Our farmers (customers) operate on narrow margins.  They have high cash investments to plant a crop or raise livestock.  Our customers manage a complex, high cash, low […]

“Pain Relief” for the Ag Sales Professional In sales, let’s hope most of us are not avoiding physical pain.  Hopefully, no one is threatening you or you are not in an unsafe environment.  However, when you pick up the keys to the company pickup truck and agree to go forth and sell, you are now […]

The most important topic to discuss when time is limited Ever get on a farm call and get rushed into giving your sales “pitch” and then rushed off the farm?  If you’ve been selling for a week, I’m sure that has already happened.  One of the struggles most salespeople run into is over-presenting on their […]

The process of going through a short-term coaching program to propel you forward Nancy Vander Byl from Core Cool Systems joins me in this week’s episode. You may recognize her journey as she struggles to launch a new product line in a large geographic territory – North America! Most dairy cattle buildings are cooled by […]

The most important selling skill for the Ag Sales Professional “How are you evaluated?”  Those four simple words turned out to be the most important learning moment with our largest customer.  It changed the way we presented products and how we thought about the products & services we offered.  Selfishly, I love this part of […]

9 Positive affirmations to build your confidence Confidence is one of those intangible emotions in selling. When you have it, you know it.  Your customer knows it. Likewise, when you are not confident, you create a sense of uncertainty.  Your customer also senses it.  That moment of doubt causes customers to second guess the choice […]

The importance of putting your customer on your company org chart Do you have a company org chart for your company?  If so, does it look like this? I’m almost positive it does.  Most do.  The President or CEO is at the top, then vice presidents and department managers, with individual employees towards the bottom.  […]

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