Who influences your customer’s decisions? It’s an easy question.  “Who or where do your primary customers go to in order to determine which products and services they use?”  A combination of events led me to a concept that hasn’t been emphasized in sales training enough.  I call it “Influencer Selling”. First, we all understand “Influencer […]

7 Instant Ways to be a better Ag Sales Professional Do these now to gain an edge over your competition In a world of commodity sales, we are all trying to stand out and differentiate our products and services.  Often these are the exact same products and services offered by others in the market.  While […]

“How do I sell during a national or industry wide crisis?” 3 Steps and 5 Articles to Help You Sell During Tough Times Deere went on strike Roundup production facility closed due to hurricane No price quotes on spring fertilizer during the prime selling time No inventory of Ag equipment due to trade wars and […]

How do I become the best salesperson? Hearing their accomplishments and watching the winners of the President’s Club go up on stage was always the highlight of the annual sales meeting.  Their spouse joined them on stage as they were recognized by the entire company for what many considered a lifetime achievement.  To me, these […]

How to use deadlines in your selling process One of the biggest obstacles salespeople deal with is the “Let me think about it” or “I haven’t looked at your information yet”. Is there a non-pushy or non-salesy way to reply to that obstacle?  Where do I go from there?  How do I dig out of […]

Communication vs. Sales Communication:  What’s the difference? There is a difference between communicating and communicating to sell.  Becoming effective at sales communication is critical to every salesperson.  It’s the skill that gets us to the heart of what we do; help customers. In their self- assessments, many salespeople will often tell me that they are […]

Check your prospect’s RAP sheet   Take a historical tour of your prospect’s prior actions   In training workshops, I always recommend that you take a tour of your prospect’s farm or agribusiness whenever possible.  It gives you a chance to see firsthand what is going on in their operation and opens up a lot […]

Everyone is in sales.           “I’m not sure why I’m in this training.  I’m not in sales.”            Says the plant manager, truck fleet dispatcher, customer service rep, service department manager, IT employee, tech-research person.  I hear this frequently as I prepare for sales workshops with teams.  […]

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