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An Agriculture blog dedicated to selling in agribusiness.  These Ag blog articles focus on the best practices for selling to farmers and livestock producers.  We also focus on those salespeople who call on Ag buyers at the thousands of agribusinesses that serve the farming community

My guess is yes. Working with sales managers in agribusiness on a daily basis, I hear this complaint a lot.  “We launched a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, but the sales team just does not use it.”  “We spent a lot on it and it has the capacity to do great things.”  “However, we’re […]

Nobody likes to be surprised after the sale “I didn’t realize I only had a week to use the service!” “You didn’t tell me there wasn’t downside protection on this option strategy” “If I’d have known that, I never would have bought it!” Ever hear these comments from a customer?  Do you hear them too […]

Learn to Thrive on Meeting Future Customers! “You will lose 25-30% of your customers every year!” “New customers are the Life Blood of the organization”. These words rang out as I listened to the speaker.  This speaker knew what he was talking about as the leader of a growing and thriving agribusiness.  His point was […]

  Territory Management Lesson #1 for the Ag Sales Professional Who’s Your “Wal-Mart Customer” and do you really want to sell them?   Who’s your Wal-Mart Customer?  What does that mean?  It means, who is the biggest prospect in your market.  For the Ag Sales Professional, it often means the biggest land owner in your […]

Employ one or all of these quick action items today! Quick tips to get organized, stand out from the competition & sell more! Talk Less and Sell More: Who’s talking more in the sales process? You or the customer?  Most of the time, it should be the customer.  Observe yourself today.  If it’s you, Stop […]

Stop price resistance and get paid more   “Stop Price Resistance and Get Paid More”.  It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?  No more price complaints AND you get paid more from your customers.  It can happen, but it looks a lot different than you think.  It’s no surprise that grain and livestock producers are […]

Practical Steps to manage your fears when selling   Jody was calling me from the prospect’s parking lot.  A bit nervous to make her first call on a prospect alone, she phoned to “just talk” for a few minutes. It didn’t take long to realize the anxiety around this call had been building with Jody […]

Data Tells but a Story Sells Which do you remember more, your 6th grade American History class or the historical scenes from Forrest Gump?  For most of us, 6th grade was so long ago, we can’t even remember the teachers name, let alone what she said.  Why?  We think it is because it was boring.  […]

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