The Salesperson’s Struggle with Technology in Precision Ag – PODCAST

Interview with Austin Mattern from Field Reveal

  Austin works with Ag Retailers as the Eastern Account Manager for Field Reveal.  He joins me today to discuss the struggles he sees when working with agronomy sales teams across the eastern US. 

There is an explosion of Ag Technology going on.  Producers as well as their salespeople struggle to keep up and make sense of how to use it all.  Join me as we tackle some key areas in Precision Ag for agronomists to implement in their selling skills.

Ultimately striving towards becoming a Trusted Advisor to our customers!


  • 3:04 – What are the struggles that salespeople have with technology
  • 6:48 – Precision Ag is a Process, not a Product
  • 11:04 – 2 Tips for the Agronomist
  • 15:40 – What is the 2-3 year projection on where the Precision Ag is going?
  • 19:05 – How do we use it to our advantage as an Ag Salesperson?
  • 21:58 – How are we going to charge for Precision Ag?
  • 28:20 – What are the exciting new projects going on with Field Reveal
  • 32:30 – Producers will struggle with change – Help your producers through this change to be more profitable and efficient – making you their Trusted Advisor



Listen in to learn a how to be better at using technology!

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