How do Digital Enablement Tools help the Ag Salesperson?

Interview with Pat Sullivan from AgVend

Listen in as we discuss Ag tech software and how it can make you more efficient so you can get on more farms and help more customers. Not to mention making sense of all the data you have so you can make better more informed decisions

Key Interview Times:

  • 00:30“As an Ag salesperson or as an agribusiness, why should I care about Ag Tech software?”
    • Data and better decision making
    • Efficiency – “I’m so busy….I have no time…”
    • The combination of data and head knowledge in your business
  • 04:30 – What customer does AgVend serve and what do you do for them?
  • 07:50 – Getting salespeople and other users to use the program
    • They have to believe in the data
    • Now they need to see how it makes them faster and better
  • 12:40“Could you tell us about a customer example that you helped?”
    • Recovered 70% of lost customers
    • Less customer turnover
    • Saved time – got on more sales calls
  • 17:00 – Customer Adoption rate: “How do you help the agribusiness get their customers to use your program?”
  • 21:01 – Future Plans

For more information on AgVend, go to:

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