Where do you start when you want to change, build or rebuild the sales culture of your agribusiness?

        One of the most interesting benefits of training sales teams all over the US is experiencing a wide variety of sales team cultures.  You might think that salespeople are salespeople and sales teams are sales teams.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  I experience a wide range of sales team cultures from the heralded heroes who keep the company afloat to the scapegoats that are the cause of all that is wrong in their company.  It causes me to wonder: “How does this happen?” and “How can I improve or create the culture I want for my team?”

What is the sales team culture in your company?  Do any of the situations below sound familiar?

The Elitists:…..they are often highly regarded in the company as the source of bringing that revenue stream into the company……a sales team can soon become arrogant……..

The Scapegoats:……In a few instances, I run into sales teams that are actually regarded as the problem of all that is wrong in a company.  As strange as it may seem, the culture towards the sales team is very negative.

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