With over 25 years in Agribusiness sales and sales management, I bring a deep understanding of how to understand and develop sales training programs.

  • More than the Sales Process:  Most training companies only focus on the 5 or 7 step sales process.  That’s because they are not specific to Ag.  Because I focus on Ag Sales and have the experience in what works, my training goes into more than those basic steps.
    • Organization Skills:  tracking prospects, customers, using CRM to sell more & stay organized
    • Time Management for the sales person who works from home
    • Developing & Expanding your personal brand
    • Using customer segmentation to focus your efforts on the right prospects & customers
    • Territory Management Skills

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Email at:  Greg@GregMartinelli.net

Sales Development Process

  • Starts with Assessments & Interviews
  • Individual Development Focus
  • Evaluate Sales Skills &  Motivators
  • Blended Learning Approach:
    • Classroom
    • Ride Along Coaching
    • Follow on Coaching
    • Computer based Programs
    • Webinar based training


We use a variety of assessments to establish a deeper understanding of skills, motivations and personality types specific to selling.

  • DISC:  The 4 quadrants – Great for understanding the sales person’s personality and how to sell to the different styles









  • Sales Development Assessment:  This is an extensive assessment that evaluates the individual sales person in three core areas: Sales Skills, Personality and Sales Motivations.  From the results, an Individual Development Plan is recommended for the sales person.
  • Sales Selection Assessment:  We use this to make smarter choices in our hiring process.  Reading resumes and conducting in person interviews can only achieve a 25-50% success rate of hiring the right candidates.  Use the this Sales Selection Assessment to drastically improve your candidate selection.
  • Interviews:  We interview both the sales person and their manager to gain a deeper understanding of what the individual sales person needs for their development

Customized Sales Development Programs

Together we discover the topics, format and length the training program needs to be for your team to get the most return on your investment of time and resources!

Most Popular Sessions:

  • 2 Day – Sales Training Workshop:  This is an in depth sales training program that covers everything from the primary steps in the sales process to how to organize their sales territory.  This is more than lecture.  It’s hands-on, participant involved training where participants will come away with a deeper understanding of themselves, their territory and a solid plan for capturing market share.
  • 1 Day – Sales Training Workshop:  This is the same program as the 2-day program.  Content is covered but certain activities like role play are reduced to accommodate the shorter time frame.
  • Half Day Facilitation:  Great for an add on or supplement to a sales meeting.  Also good for experienced sales teams that want to focus on specific topics to develop:  Prospecting, Handling Objections, Building Prospect Funnels.
  • Sales Meeting Presentations:  Great way to introduce a topic to your team and get them thinking on a new approach to their sales process.  See the SPEAKING page for potential topics.
  • Webinar Training:  Very cost effective method of sustaining the team development and training process.  No travel involved!  Quick way to introduce a topic, increase accountability to the training program and provide ongoing support for your team’s development.