6 Reasons Sales Managers Fail at Coaching

You Lead Teams, Manage Things and You Coach the Individual It’s happening all across the agribusiness industry:  Mergers, Acquisitions, and Consolidation.  One of the results of these three events is overloading your sales managers.  Now, I understand the thought process of increasing a sales manager’s workload and adding salespeople to their area.  Sales managers are expensive and if you can do with one less, then [...]

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5 Reasons Salespeople Need Coaching

Even the best need a coach – And they do more with that coaching than most A few quick notes before we jump into the list.  First, coaching should be defined for the purposes of coaching a sales team.  I am referring to the one to one interaction of working with a salesperson on improving their performance.  It is not leadership nor management, which are [...]

Leaders Don’t Compete

Sales Lessons from Salmon Fishing in Alaska When Thom Winninger said “leaders don’t compete”, I thought quite possibly he had been out in the sun too long.  Because everyone knows that leaders are highly competitive.  They set out on their epic journey and slay the competition along the way to arrive at the top of the mountain or organizational chart or whatever their goal.  However, [...]

The Territory from Hell

Take your “Starter Territory” to the top of your company’s charts! Everyone has a first day on the job.  And every salesperson has a first territory.  All is fine on day one as you settle into your new job, but soon after, you begin to get an uneasy feeling about your territory.  Your customer list doesn’t seem to have a lot of “A” accounts.  As [...]

Lower Prices! Sell Value!

From Peddler to Partnership, the Yin and Yang struggle that all salespeople go through   It’s a journey as salespeople that we all make.  From peddling on price to positioning as a partnership.  Trust me when I say, none of us want to sell on price.  We all want to sell on value.  We all want our customers to think of us and our products [...]

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3 Ways You Sell like a Hypocrite?

And how easy it is to correct Hypocrite is certainly a strong word and I can soften it up, but I’m afraid that’s exactly what we do.  We say one thing and do another.  In sales, it means expecting our customer to do something that we don’t do ourselves. Frequently in a training or coaching situation, I run across the three examples below.  The light [...]

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When Good Sales Days Go Bad

Despite the best laid plans You can plan and anticipate and prepare all you want, but there are just going to be those days on territory when things go horribly wrong. A customer or prospect you prepared to meet cancels. An emergency customer service issue pops up and you have to cancel your meeting with a customer or prospect. Weather happens everywhere and often throws [...]

Break the Toy

Every product or service has its limitations – Find them to improve your sales Well, it’s Christmas time and I thought I’d tell a little Christmas Story from long ago about a young child named Christy.  Now Christy wasn’t your average 8-year-old.  Yes, she loved to play with toys, but she had a unique talent for quickly breaking all her toys.  If the toy had [...]

Tough Times Teach

You learn a lot more in the tough times than the good! Ever talk with a relative that survived the Great Depression?  Like no other experience in their lives, these years of despair changed their lives and shaped who they are.   Both my parents grew up in that timeframe and often tell stories of how they survived on less.  Married and starting their family in [...]

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Speak to Sell

Take advantage of the #1 fear to grow your business It’s been said that the #1 fear is public speaking, which means people are more scared of speaking in public than dying or shark attacks or long lines at the DMV.  Now, I don’t know if the fear is truly that high on everyone’s list, but I do know that most people avoid public speaking [...]

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