You just have a big back tire!

And other things you shouldn’t try at home   Last time, we talked about the slinky toy that was handed out in a sales training course. The slinky was symbolic to the continuous process of selling and following up with prospects and customers. If you missed it The Slinky and the Sales Manager. During this same course, we were also given a bicycle hat. It was one of [...]

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It’s Closing Time!

On 50% of your calls, you fail to ask for the sale!          That's if you are average. Researching B2B sales statistics, there was a range of 40-60% of the salespeople who presented their products but did not ask for the sale.  If you are in the B2C world like retail sales to the end user, it's even worse.  In some cases, [...]

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The Slinky and the Sales Manager

The problem with most sales training! Forty-five minutes into day one and I was already regretting my choice of seats.  The morning started off great, several managers and top sales people gathered to attend a first round training session for our new sales training program.  Feeling proud to be a part of this group, you can imagine the excitement as we started into our opening [...]

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7 Lessons from the Founder

This past year, the movie “The Founder” came and went quickly through theatres.  So fast, most of us never had a chance to see it.  Flipping through Netflix recently, I had a chance to watch it and was amazed by the great sales lessons you learn from it.  At first glance, it looks like a rags-to-riches heartwarming story of one of America’s great industry leaders.  [...]

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Ever Get Kicked Off a Farm?

Thrown out of a feed store?  Had your business card thrown back in your face? If the answer is yes, great!  That means you are trying.  My next question is: “When did you go back?”  We’ll get to your answer in a minute. If your answer is no, not so great!  My next question for you is: “Why not?”  Oh, I can hear your answer [...]

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The Path of Most Resistance

The Path to Success They say you arrived where you are today because of your choices.  Your career, your spouse, your financial situation and happiness in life…all due to your choices.  If we accept that as true and we consider the fact that we often take the path of least resistance, we have a recipe for a result in life that we are not happy [...]

Truth Is…

A Facebook Trend for the Ag Sales Professional There’s a trend on Facebook where people post something called “Truth is…”  Most of the time I don’t pay much attention, but I saw one the other day that got me thinking about sales.  When kids do them on Facebook, they then fill in a laundry list of things about themselves that are their truths.  Like, they [...]

Who’s in Your Corner?

More people than you think!   Driving down Highway 26, I was “stewing” in my emotions.  By that, I mean I was angry, upset, disappointed and frustrated.  All at the same time.  How you ask?  I just came off a bad sales call.  I failed to prepare for it the way I should have and the customer didn’t make it any easier on me.  It [...]

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Tear Down the Walls that Divide

One of the big challenges we face in Agribusiness is the Silo Effect that keeps our teams from reaching their full potential. Silos are those walls that we build between our internal departments. Bring in a speaker who has not only tore down a few silos but also built a few in his 25 year career in agribusiness. A great message on the power of [...]

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Sell Like a 5-Year-Old

Giraffes must have really long tongues!   The road trip from Wisconsin to Panama City Beach is roughly twenty-one hours and can be everything from interesting to boring.  The annual family vacation was in full swing as we headed down the highway, some twenty years ago.  Twelve hours into the trip, we had laughed, sang, fought, zoned out in silence for several hours and watched [...]

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