As an Ag Sales Manager do you struggle with:

  • My sales people don’t, won’t or seldom prospect – They call on the same customers every week/month and expect to grow their territory
  • I spend too much time managing the low performers versus leading the high performers
  • My team is struggling through some dysfunction, some toxic negativity or outright hostility
  • My sales people won’t log info into our new CRM tool
  • I am personally struggling with going from high performing sales person to being the manager of the sales team
  • How do I go from High Performing Sales Person to Sales Manager to Sales Leader to Sales Coach?
  • Managing everyone the same versus managing the life cycle of a sales person’s career. From Rookie to Proficient Sales Person to High Performing Sales Person to Career Stall Out to Reinventing themselves to Late Career Sales Person to Retirement.
  • Our commission structure is broken
  • We launched a new product – program – service but it hasn’t been accepted by the sales team

If any of these sound familiar and you need help getting over or past these roadblocks, a knowledgeable sales coach helps get it done.  There are many to choose from, but I have been managing, leading and coaching Ag sales teams for over 20 years.

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