Why Hire a Coach?

Coaching sounds like something for pro athlete teams or my kid’s baseball team.  A very common thought.  Another common thought is “I’m already good at what I do, why hire someone to tell me what I already know how to do?”  Again, this is a common thought.  Think of all the professional athletes you know of.  Think about the top performers in entertainment.  For many of us, coaching ended after our last high school sports experience.  For the pro athletes, the top entertainers and now more than ever, business executives at all levels are relying on coaching to accomplish several things.

Pro athletes and top entertainment performers need coaches to continuously improve their performance.  Coaches help in making major improvements early in their career to catapult the performer.  Then, as competition gets fierce, they help make those small tweaks and adjustments to give them every little extra advantage.

The same holds true for business coaching.  Big leaps and bounds early as you learn from your coach and then tweak your performance to give you the extra advantage in the marketplace.

If that isn’t enough reason:  According to Building a Coaching Culture, a research report published by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Human Capital Institute, organizations that offer coaching say it leads to benefits including increased engagement, faster on-boarding into new roles, faster leadership development and increased emotional intelligence.

How does it work?

Professional level coaching can be custom built to almost any time frame agreed upon for the growth of your business.  Most common approach is to have weekly 1 hour phone calls for 12 weeks following an initial discussion/planning session.  This initial session is where we get to know and understand each other, get a general direction of where you need help and agree on how we will proceed with coaching.

Prior to all of this, it’s best that we have a quick 30 minute complimentary session to make sure coaching is a fit for you and that i can truly help you.

What can I expect to get from coaching?

A strong connection with your coach – the relationship with your coach has to be a fit.  That is the purpose of the initial complimentary session.  It has to be a fit for both to work

Help in holding yourself accountable – This is bigger than you think.  Unless you have incredible self control and discipline, it is far easier to stay on your plan to accomplish your goals when you have someone else that is working with you to stay on course.  It’s proven over and over in research that a person will persist longer in tough times when there is someone they feel accountable to.  Think about anything you might be involved in that requires persistence and discipline – exercising is a good example.  If the team or group is depending on you to be there, you will most likely persist and show up longer than if just accountable to yourself.

A third party/external view of you – We all have our own view of how things happen and what it takes to improve ourselves.  However, it is difficult to self evaluate all the time.  A coach provides that knowledgeable third party/external view of the situation.

Why should I pick you as my coach?

Below are a few reasons.  As mentioned, a coach and the person being coached have to be a fit for each other.

  • 24 years of growing Ag Sales and leading Ag Sales Teams across the Midwest
  • A deep understanding of all aspects of the feed & grain business from production to admin and of course sales/marketing/business development
  • Strength Areas
    • Getting New Ag Customers Quickly/Efficiently
    • Getting into a New Market – Quickly/Efficiently
    • Segmenting Ag Customers, Ag Territories & Ag Sales People
    • Coaching for Ag Sales Professionals and Ag Sales Managers
    • Growing your business through Events & Trade Shows
    • Sales Training – Facilitation/Design/Implementation
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