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Real ways to use mental strength to be a better salesperson and enjoy it

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With over 35 years of selling experience, Joy Rains focuses on one of the greatest tools a salesperson can use to improve their sales and get more from their career: the mind

Way before you try to convince your customer of anything, you first need to convince yourself.  As salespeople, we undergo a lot of emotions on our journey.  Emotions run highly positive when we make a sale, win sales awards at our company, or really help a customer beyond the normal selling situation.  Yet, we know the negative emotions too well.  Losing a sale, lack of confidence, fear of failing.

I met Joy Rains recently and read her book “Ignite Your Sales Power:  Mindfulness Skills for the Sales Professional”.  I was impressed as it is written by someone in sales versus someone in psychology.  So, the examples and the applications of her concepts can easily be used by anyone in sales.  She offers a lot in our interview to help you gain some mental strength in your sales approach.

Watch or Listen in as Joy and I cover some of the topics below:

  • The top 2 benefits of mindfulness for a salesperson
  • Sales Confidence
  • The difference between meditation and mindfulness.  How and when to use both to improve your sales results
  • The Imposter Syndrome
  • The importance of Empathy and the focus on the customer
  • How to become aware of the STUFF that holds you back

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