The 5 Fears of Making a Farm Call

Does your power steering go out
right when you get to the prospects drive way?


I had the great opportunity to be on the Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s Podcast with Lynn Woolf, Managing Editor of  Rural Lifestyle Dealer .  They have great articles, podcasts and webinars available on all subjects related to serving this part of the agribusiness world.

The topic of overcoming fear when selling continues to be one of the most requested topics.  Listen in as we identify the 5 fears and the methods to manage them.


In this episode of the Rural Lifestyle Dealer podcast, we talk with sales coach Greg Martinelli about the topic of outside sales for the rural equipment market.

Greg talks through why outside sales should be part of your rural equipment marketing strategy and how to start overcoming those fears.

There is simply no other book like this one.

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Previous blog on,  The Fear of the Farm Call

Keep these blogs handy.  You may need them again.  These fears have a way of creeping back in over time!

And send it to that salesperson you know that may need some reassurance today.


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