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Big moments in training with a lifetime impact on your results

In the last six weeks, I have been in front of five different audiences in the US and Canada.  I’d like to share a common experience that has occurred in all five of those and how it can help you or your sales team.  As a sales trainer, we love those moments when the light goes on with one or more of our attendees.  And, when this happens with almost everyone in the room, we know we struck a golden moment in our training.

Over the last six weeks, I saw this happen over and over and realized it might make a good topic for those that follow me on my weekly blog/podcast.

The first is called the “4 Why’s Exercise”. Every customer that you approach is asking themselves four questions:

* Why should I buy from you?

Listen in as I go through the rest of the four WHY questions and how you can use their answers in your sales approach!

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