6 Roadblocks to Sales Productivity – PC27

What are the 6 Roadblocks to Sales Productivity?


From the most organized to the most disorganized, we can all learn something from the Productivity Expert

Join me on my latest podcast episode as I interview Cathy Sexton, The Productivity Expert.  She shares lessons learned as she went from an overworked accountant to a workaholic solo entrepreneur.

After reaching burn out, she realized her role as a coach to others on how to turn their work lives around and achieve higher results.

           You will be amazed at how closely this relates to running a sales territory.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 1:24 #1 Salesperson Killer is Disorganization
  • 3:50 – The need for systems
  • 7:20 – Are organization skills genetic or learned
  • 9:45 – The 6 Roadblocks to Productivity
  • 14:30 – Signs of you might not be as productive as you could be
  • 16:52 – Assessments and Evaluations to help diagnose
  • 19:10 – Advice for managers to coach their salespeople
  • 21:14 – Success stories and failures on the road to
  • 26:02 – “You gotta do the work!”

After listening to the podcast, feel free to visit some of Cathy’s free assessments to determine your productivity level.

Productivity Assessment


Overworked Quiz





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