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3 Lessons in 1 Cold Call

Audiences and sales training workshops always seem to enjoy the adventure I share about my first day in sales.  Preparing for my transition into a sales role, I heard one recommendation over and over again.  “Greg, you need to prospect, a lot!”  Being an overachiever, I thought I would spend my very first day in sales making prospect calls.  FYI, that’s a terrible idea, but not one of the three lessons.

And I didn’t just prospect locally.  I drove two hours away to make this cold call.  I drove past dozens of prospects just to go see this one. FYI, that’s another terrible idea.    That is sometimes referred to as, “Driving past dollars to pick up nickels”

Anyway, I got on my first prospect call, which was a cold call.  No appointment.  No internet search as it didn’t exist.  No pre-call planning or internal company research.  I just drove into town and walked into the dealership in a traditional cold call scenario.

As I entered the dealership, I was ushered over to the manager (Wally).  He sat behind his desk, completely ignoring me as I walked up…….

Listen in to hear how my very first cold call went on my very first day in sales!

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