Coaching Your Customer

In confusing situations, here’s how to guide your customers to the right solutions

The discussion had gone on for hours. We looked at seed varieties, multiple nitrogen strategies and several different herbicide programs on this sales call.

I was riding along with an agronomist this past year as he met with several customers in the January planning timeframe. This wasn’t just a monthly visit or check-in sales call. This was the annual planning session to determine how this producer would farm for the next growing season. Seed varieties, fertilizer choices and herbicide programs would be selected by the end of this discussion.

After several hours, you could just see this producer was struggling with what to do. There were so many choices with so many possibilities in the upcoming growing season: hot, dry, wet, cool, etc. As we came to key decisions in the sales process, the producer would turn to the agronomist and ask, “What do you think is best?”

In these complex or confusing situations, you can use your coaching skills to help move your customer through their choices.

For the rest of the story and some Best practices for coaching your customer, read my latest article in Feed & Grain Magazine titled:

Coaching Your Customer

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