Celebrating 58 years in Sales – Podcast

And 7 years of running a sales training service

I know I don’t look old enough to have been in sales for 58 years, but I am.  Soon, I will turn 58.  And I have been in sales my whole life.  So have you.  And so has everyone you meet.

The reason for this topic is that every single person on the planet spends the majority of their life trying to convince other people to do something for them.  That means in your personal life and your work life.  I know you might not have the title of salesperson.  So, you probably don’t think selling pertains to you.  Nor do you want to be in sales, talking to customers all day, or “cold calling” for a living. 

If that is how you feel, please listen in, and let’s discover how you truly are in sales, both personally and professionally.

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