Avoid the 7 Sales Fails – PODCAST

Are you passing or failing your customer’s test?

Every day, an army of Ag salespeople drive up and down the county roads in search of sales.  Driving down the farm driveway, pulling into the agribusiness parking lot, and calling-texting-zooming with customers through the latest technology.

All of us are out there making variations of these seven sales fails.  And our customers give us their passing grade when they either buy from us or they give us a failing grade when they say, “Let me think about it” or tell us “I’m happy with what I’m doing”.

In workshops, these seven fails are a primary focus as few salespeople put them all together in their approach.  They are looking for a way to stand out from their competition.  See if you pass or fail in these seven areas.

Fail #1: They Can’t answer the first two primary customer questions:

Listen in as we discuss the 7 fails many of us make every day and how to avoid them!

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