Women in Ag Conference 2022

Special Pre-Workshop session on:

Leading Great Sales Team

Presenter:  Greg Martinelli www.gregmartinelli.net 

Program length & format:  2 ½ -hour workshop.  This workshop format includes lecture, breakout sessions, small group role play, and completing your own Sales Team Dashboard

Who is this session for?

  • For the Salesperson and Sales Manager:  You will get real-world methods to organize and manage yourself or your sales team.
  • Non-Sales attendees: (Marketing VPs, Customer Service Managers, Operations Managers, Accounting):  Eventually at some point in your career, you will have the chance to lead a sales team.  This can seem like a difficult task as you have never been in sales nor led a sales team.  Fear not, this can be one of the most rewarding chapters in your career.  Learning to work with, manage and lead a sales team helps you understand one of the most important roles in a company.  As the link between your company and the customer, the salesperson’s role has never been more important.

Key topics and takeaways from this workshop

  • Leading – Managing – Coaching a sales team: 
    • What’s the difference and why you should care?
    • You need all three components to achieve a great team
  • The three buckets of a salesperson’s role:
    • Territory Management, Selling Skills, and their Personal Brand
    • It’s not all selling skills: We’ll cover the top 2 salesperson killers and how to manage them on your team or in your own territory.
  • Sales Team Dashboard:
  • Salesperson dashboard: dashboarding your way to success
  • Key metrics and what they mean in your management role
  • Leading salespeople when you don’t know how to do their job
  • Leading your team, your company, and your industry:
    • A critical thought process on what it means to be a leader within your team, your company and your industry.

Short Description

Managing and leading an agribusiness sales team.  This workshop will be a deep dive into the difference between leading, managing, and coaching an agribusiness sales team.  We will cover the importance, the fundamentals, and the key points for both managing and leading an agribusiness sales team.

Long Description

At some point in your climb to the top, you will find yourself as the manager or leader of a sales team.  If you didn’t come from a sales background, this can seem a scary or impossible task.  If you have been in sales, then there are some common traps that high-performing salespeople fall into when moving into management.  Managing a sales team is often compared to herding cats.  Worse yet, nobody really trains you how to do it. 

Join me as we cover some proven concepts that will help you on your journey to building a great sales team.

In this session, we will cover the importance, the fundamentals, and the key points for both managing and leading an agribusiness sales team.  There’s a popular concept that you “manage things and you lead people”.  After 30 years in agribusiness sales, management, and training them, I modified that concept.  I think, “you manage things, people and companies, and you lead”.  This subtle difference in thought process will help you build a unique personal brand within your team, your company, and your industry.

Why this topic? 

If you see yourself in these descriptions, then this session is for you:

  • “I’m in accounting, operations, or a department manager, but someday I am going to have to manage salespeople.  While I know the internal working of our company, I have no clue what the sales team does out there.  I wouldn’t know the first thing to tell a salesperson.”
  • “I am in sales and doing well.  However, I would like to move up someday and be a sales manager.  Seems pretty easy.  Just tell people to do what I did!”
  • “I’m a VP, department manager or sales manager but really struggle with what to do…. where to spend my time…. how to be productive as a manager…when to jump in and when to back off”

All three of these scenarios are very common.  The sales team and their success are critical to the success of any company.  Yet, we find ourselves in the sales management or leadership role with little to no training.  The skills to be a good salesperson don’t translate directly to being a good sales manager. 

Join us in this session to gain a deeper understanding into this critical role in your company and reduce the fear of managing a remote Ag sales team

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