The Podcast for the Ag Sales Professional

An agriculture podcast dedicated to selling in agribusiness.  This Ag podcast focuses on the best practices for selling to farmers and livestock producers.  We also focus on those salespeople who call on Ag buyers at the thousands of agribusinesses that serve the farming community.

“When in Doubt, Prospect!” Two of the greatest quotes from one of the greatest leaders When you think of great quotes from great leaders, you might think of FDR, JFK, MLK, or maybe Gandhi and Churchill.  I’m sure they said some good things.  But what do they know about selling to farmers, livestock producers and […]

4 Ways to increase sales through your Coachability Skills Just how coachable are you? As a sales trainer and a sales coach, I find Coachability to be one of the most important characteristics for long term success in sales.  Good and bad times will come and go.  Customers and prospects will come and go.  Entire […]

3 Ways to get more from sales training And 3 methods to improve long-term learning       Want to get more out the next training program you attend?  Even if you think you know everything the instructor is going to talk about, you can still get more out of the program.  In many cases, […]

The most competent salesperson in the market And the 4 levels of competence        In any training workshop, there always comes a time when a bit of comedy breaks out.  The chart above seems to always draw out one of those moments.  When the subject turns to competence and consciousness, we tend to […]

Laser Focus in Ag Sales The 3 customers who are killing your sales productivity Both light and water can be so focused that they cut through large blocks of steel.  Amazing when you think about it.  The same water that you swim in for recreation, can be focused through a high-pressure nozzle to cut steel.  […]

6 Ways to Add Value when selling in Agribusiness Are you struggling to stand out and getting caught in price resistance?        Listen in today as I discuss the importance of selling on the Customer’s Value     If this podcast helped you on your journey to being more effective in your selling, […]

Is the on-farm salesperson essential? 2 Takeaways from the recent Farm Journal Survey        Listen in today as I discuss the recent Farm Journal Survey     If this podcast helped you on your journey to being more effective in your selling, I ask you to share it with those who might also […]

The 2 Choke Points in Selling and their 3 Causes Which part of the sales process are you stuck on?        Listen in today as I discuss how every process – including your selling process – has a choke point.  IT’s that one limiting factor that holds you back.   If this podcast […]

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