Excited to have the opportunity to share an important sales tool with the Wisconsin Agribusiness Association in their quarterly magazine.  If you are not familiar with it, you should be.  Great articles every quarter.  Yes, mostly associated with the Wisconsin market, but you would be surprised how relevant they are nationwide.  For a direct link […]

Are you a Sales Hero or a Sales Henchman?   Don’t let one judo chop from your prospect stop you    

Fear of the Farm Call And the 5 steps to overcome those fears

Here are 10 Selling Techniques that are absolutely Free!  

Special guest, Wayne Schoeneberg joins me on today’s podcast for a discussion on How to ask good questions!   To learn more about Wayne visit WayneSchoeneberg.com As an accomplished trial attorney with thousands of trial cases under his belt, he shares his skills of asking questions.  Ultimately, he will meet both friendly and hostile witnesses on […]

You Need an Altitude Adjustment Are you stuck in the weeds or too lofty to understand the details?  Then you need an Altitude Adjustment!

Quit Selling Like Popeye and Pat And capture the other 75% of available customers

What are the 6 Roadblocks to Sales Productivity?   From the most organized to the most disorganized, we can all learn something from the Productivity Expert Join me on my latest podcast episode as I interview Cathy Sexton, The Productivity Expert.  She shares lessons learned as she went from an overworked accountant to a workaholic […]

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