Webinar – Closing Skills

  •  Are You Really Closing every time on every sales call?

  • Why you fail to ask for the close and how to never forget it again!

  • How to form your own natural style of closing!

  •  The Close starts way before the close!  Learn how to make the close feel right.

  • The Standard formats for a close and the importance of a Call To Action (CTA)

  •  Pitfalls to avoid and how to get out if you just fell in!


     Webinar-Price Resistance

  • Learn to deal with one of the most common obstacles

  • The 4 Steps to go through every time you meet resistance

  • The strategy before the resistance

  • Selling “Value” comes way before the resistance.  Find out how!

  • Gain confidence in your approach

  • Find out what the customer truly wants

Webinar-Cold Calling

  • Does the very thought of driving onto a farm that you have never been to and meeting a producer you have never met make your skin crawl?

  • Do you avoid cold calling and prospecting for new customers?

  • Do you understand that you will lose 10-25% of your customers in a given year?

  • Learn how to change your view of cold calling, re-frame your fears and keep your customer pipeline full every year. 

Webinar-Question Skills

  • Do you struggle to “Sell on Value”?

  • Do your customers hit you with Price Resistance?

  • Learn to overcome these situations through Better Questions that get Better Answers!

  • Become skilled at High Value Questions!  They change the whole customer relationship!

  • This one skill can change the entire way you sell!