As an Ag Sales Professional do you struggle with:

  • Breaking into a new market
  • Getting lost in the crowd of sales people that are calling on farmers, animal producers, Ag companies
  • Price resistance when your customer puts your product in the commodity category instead of the value added category that it really is
  • I’m a Millennial trying to sell to a Boomer
  • I’m a Boomer trying to sell to a Millennial
  • Logging calls into our new CRM tool is killing me
  • Customers love me but don’t trust my company because they are “The Corporate World”
  • I can’t get to the decision maker
  • When I get to the decision maker, they don’t make a decision – “Let me think about it”
  • Efficiency & Productivity seem out of my reach because I’m bogged down by e-mails…conference calls…internal meetings…
  • There’s never enough time to do the important things I need to be doing

If any of these sound familiar and you need help getting over or past these roadblocks, a knowledgeable sales coach helps get it done.  There are many to choose from, but I have been on the farms, in the barns and at the Ag Retail/Wholesale businesses for 25 years.

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